We are a fully accredited school (Grade K-12) offering a comprehensive program for each grade level, with highly qualified teachers and licensed experts in their fields.

5 Reasons Why Families Are Choosing ADVANTAGES Middle East

1. The Technology

For nearly 17 years, ADVANTAGES' award-winning education management platform has received rave reviews from students, parents, and educators around the world.
"The platform is very easy to use. As a parent, I feel empowered and informed. My daughter has complete ownership of her education path."

-- Jennifer Brooks

assist platform for K-12 online school in uae
cognia accredited K-12 online school in uae

2. The Accreditation and Reputation

Since 2006, ADVANTAGES has served over 10,000 students in 30 countries and counting.
Accredited by COGNIA, sanctioned by the Nevada Department of Education, and listed among the US Department of State's preferred online schools, parents have the peace of mind that their child is receiving a world class and globally-recognized education.

3. The Talented and Experienced Teachers

At its core, ADVANTAGES Middle East is a team of talented and caring teachers who leverage gold-standard technology to produce stellar results.
ADVANTAGES teachers are specifically trained in the latest digital pedagogical strategies to motivate, inspire, and empower students,

K-12 online school in uae
K-12 online school in uae

4. The Well-Rounded Academic Experience

ADVANTAGES Middle East's full time students benefit from a wide range of activities and services at no additional cost. Our Esports Gaming Club, powered by EStars, introduces to students to gaming on a safe and proprietary platform. i-Ready and arabee® ensure students are empowered with a solid foundation in Arabic, English, and Math.

5. The Affordable Fees and Flexible Payments

Our mission is to make a premium US curriculum education accessible to families across the Middle East and Africa. Our affordable prices and monthly payment options have been a welcome relief for families.

K-12 online school in uae
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